Alec Brown

Position: C/PF

Height:  7’1″ (216 cm)

Birthday: Jul 23, 1992 

Weight: 231 (105 kg)



In season 2017/18, he had average 1.5 threes per game, with 35% from behind the arc, 214 catch and shoot jumpers in 50 games ( 4.2 threes per game ). Scored 1.237 PPP as pick and pop shooter, had excellent ranking with 88% tile, and 1.009 PPP on all jump shots. Will use post up jumpers during low post. Hard to contest his jumpers his size and reach. Can score from standstill, average 0.48 3PA/FGA in the same season.

Lob target thanks to size and reach. In season 2017/18 he had 1.244 PPP as pnr finisher – 56% FG. Solid hands. Can relocates and move without the ball. Light on his feet , can really run the floor. Keeps the plays alive. In the same season he had average 1.5 offensive rebounds per game.

Capable passer out of low post. Sees the floor , can pass over the defender. Post passes generated 1.545 PPP in season 2017/18, passed 15% of the time during his post up game. Will make simple plays, finds cutters, averaged 1.5 AST per game in that season.

Solid interior defender thanks to size. Can protect the rim and check some 5s. Can show and recover when defend on ball screens. Mobile enough. Can switch on ball screens, will contest some jumpers and cover ground.


Not much of interior scorer. Struggles to finish in crowd. He had only 0.864 PPP via post ups in season 2017/18. Limited burst, plays above the rim because of size, not explosive athlete. Limited finisher with off hand. Will settle with fade away Js on low post. Can struggle vs double teams when he is in missmatch.

Really capable shooter, overall good coming of the screens, but shows some signs of inconstancy. Had stroke of 4 games in October 2017, with 4 out of 23 for 3 PTS ( 17% ). Poor on dribble jumpers , scored only 0.4 PPP with 20% FG in season 2017/18.

Struggles defending stronger bigs, allows deep catches. Anyhow gives effort on defense. Can switch on ball screens but have difficulties defending very quick point guards

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