Arnett Moultrie

Position: C/PF

Height:  6’11” (210 cm)

Birthday: Nov 18, 1990

Weight: 233 (106 kg)


Versatile post up scorer. Can post pin, holds position, has great hands. Will face up and score face up jumpers. Great jab step leading in his jumpers. In season 2018/19 scored 1.019 PPP via post ups and had excellent rating with 84% tile. Has long reach and good touch.

Great interior scorer. In season 2018/19 playing for Kalev  he had impressive 1.597 PPP around the rim ( 98% tile ) , and 76% FG around basket. Mobile enough, quick feet, rolls to the basket fast. Has great hands. Can catch difficult passes. Can also catch the lobs. Light on his feet. Runs the floor well. Great
rim runner. In the same season he had 1.6 PPP in transition. Good offensive rebounder.

Good shooting upside. Possible short roll threat. Can rise over defenders. Good perimeter passer, sees the floor. Can give back door passes when focus and has time. Solid high low game.

Defensive effort comes and goes, but more than capable defender. Has some feel as rim protector. Can play all types of pick and roll defense. Mobile and quick on his feet. Good on ball defender. Can switch on ball screens and defend some post ups. Can cover ground, has solid foot work


Has low post moves, but will bring bad decisions during post ups. Not so good left hand finisher compare to right. Will force his shots, need to have better shot selection. Settles for post up jumpers way to often. Can score them but should work for easier layups. Has mid range game but not long range.

Defensive effort comes and goes. Might struggle defending stronger bigs on low post. Closeout defense needs some work. Will find himself in no man’s land. Not so consistent boxing out. Will allow some offensive rebounds and also deep catches on low post.

Has big temper and has hard time controlling it. Complains ti refs all the time. Can snap at any time during the games. At times hard to control. Loves to have ball in his hands so will complain if different situation appear. Can just give up during the game if he is unsatisfied with something.

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