Dragan Apic

Position: C

Height: 6’9″ (206 cm)

Birthday: Oct 3, 1995

Weight: 230 (104 kg)



Great footwork during post up game. Uses spin moves and
turnarounds. Holds the position on the low post. Scores 1.0 PPP via post ups. Can
play on the either side of the low block using spin moves and turnarounds. Draws
impressive 0.50 FTA/FGA per game. Takes 6.1 FTA per 40. (Season 2019 Stats)

Good upside for post up game. Has solid touch with left hand
hook jumper. Does a nice job using his frame and strength to crave out space
and get his right shoulder. Strong enough to move defenders off the spot. Soft
touch with his left. Good mismatch target. Knows how to use his body and keeps
defender on his back. Really not afraid of physicality. In season 2018/19 had
great 0.8 FTA/FGA shooting 5.4 FT per game (10.9 per 40 ). Lot to handle on the
low post. Plays with head up. Locates open shooters and cutters during post up
game. Shows poise during post ups.

Scores 1.08 PPP as pick and roll man, 22% of his game. Sets
really strong screens and dive quickly to the rim. Has quick feet.  Great pick and roll finisher. Can finish
strong at the rim. Great screen setter, creates separation and space for the
ball-handlers. Can finish in traffic. Doesn’t shy away from contact. When gets
time and space, can finish with right hand. Great short roll target.. Locates
open shooters out of pick and roll game. Creates space with hand offs. Average
2.0 AST per 40 and solid 0.16 AST/FGA ratio with 0.15 AST per possessions

Excellent 1.6 PPP in transition with 96% tile , ranked 4th
in VTB among bigs and forwards. Really light on his feet. Can rim run. Moves
well without the ball. Saves the guards that runs into traffic without the
plan. 27% of his game comes after weak side cuts. Read the game very well.
Makes backdoor cuts as well. Can play above the rim in space.

Averages good 1.3 offensive rebounds per game ( 4.4 per 40 )
. Pesky rebounder. Runs back in transition defense. Gives effort. Averages only
1 defensive rebound per game, but will box his man out using his body. Keeps
his man off the glass. Allows his teammates to collect defensive rebounds.

Great mobility, speed and effort during pick and roll
defense. Can hedge and recover. Impressive timing and speed when hedges on
ball. Will stop the guards and quickly recover on his own man.

Can cover lot of ground. Really gives effort in defense.
Great footwork. Capable switch player. Can keep guards in front of him. Alter
jumpers. Not best shot blocker but has good feel to help from weak side and

Great intangibles. Behaves very good. Loves to practice, gives
effort on every practice. Shows huge respect to his teammates and coaches.
Pretty humble person. Keeps developing and working on his game and body.


Overall not bad finisher. Has solid touch around the rim ( 1.279 PPP with 64% FG ). Anyhow at times can blow up easy layups. At times shows lack of concentration and determination around the rim. Because of role in the team also lack some confidence. At the moment mainly plays around the rim. Has some upside as mid range shooter but need to develop his jumper.

Needs to work on his right hand finishes around the basket. Can easily get blocked when from right side tries to finish with his left hand. At times seems to have casual approach around the rim and can get blocked. Lacks aggressiveness and determination. Explosive enough but needs consistency. Overall has good hands but again at times shows lack of focus and concentration.

Lacks some size to defend low post. Has body and mobility for it. Needs to work on getting in front of his man. Better to play full deny on low post rather to fight with man in front. Can keep the man in front but struggles to contest. Solid boxing out but at times jumps before the time. Ball goes above his head. Needs to include himself on every single defensive rebound boxing his man out. At times can be very passive on defensive glass. Runs on closeouts and can cover ground but at times can be late to contest. Lack of size needs to compensate with effort and with IQ.

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