Willie Reed

Position: C

Height: 6’9″ (206 cm)

Birthday: May 16, 1990 

Weight: 220 (100 kg)



In season 2018/19, 29% of his game came from post ups. Has decent touch on his right hand jumpers. Long enough to finish over the defender. Can hold position on low post especially in mismatch situations. Having long arms allows him to create separation from defenders on his hook jumpers. 

Great finisher around the rim. In season 2018/19 he had 1.533 PPP with excellent ranking around the rim. Had impressive 75% around the basket via pick and roll, catch and finish, and transition. Can catch the  lobs. Rolls quickly to the rim. Can run the floor. He had unbelievable 4.4 offensive rebounds per game in the same season.

Has some shooting upside but still needs lot of work. Showed that can make straight line drives. At times shows some perimeter passes.

Good interior defender. In season 2018/19, he had averages 1.6 BLKs per game. On college senior year averaged impressive 2.1 BLKs per game. Protect the lane during pick and roll defense.Disturb offensive players during post up defense, thanks to size. Can run on closeouts. Mobile enough defensively.



Still has lot of room to improve his post up game. Struggles vs stronger defenders and will shy away from contact. Average to below average left hand hook jumpers. In season 2018/19, he had only 0.889 PPP via post up with average ranking. Will take some mid range jumpers but his shooting needs to improve a lot. Had only 59% on FTS in the same season.

Can appear lazy in defense at times. Decent footwork but to much up right in stance when he is on ball defender. Will miss closeouts at time and show being lazy. Average post up defender. Has size and length but lacks experience and IQ. Will bite fakes.


Season 2018/19 ended because shoulder injury. Injury happened in January, didn’t play rest of the season. He did average double-double until injury, but only played 21 games. In season 2017/18 played only 42 games in NBA. In august 2017 arrested on domestic violence charge. Was suspended 6 game due charges. He was suspended from college shortly after the start of the 2010/11 academic year for his role in a sexual assault incident involving other players on the basketball team.

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