Alex Caruso

Position: PG/SG

Height:  6’5″ (196 cm)

Birthday: Feb. 28, 1994

Weight: 188 (85 kg)


Caruso is point guard with the great size and  has long strides and is fluid athlete. Good ball-handler. Will take it to the basket out of pick and roll or out of ISO plays. Size helps him to finish around the rim in traffic. Loves to play in open court. Runs the court well and can play above the rim. Plays coast to coast. Can play above the rim. Season 56% FG around the basket(2017/18). Scores 0.9 points per possessions as Pick and Roll ball-handler. Great weak side cutter. Made 1.45 PPP from weak side cuts. Possible post up threat for European basketball. Capable shooter, season 37% for 3 pts (G-league 2017/18). Year before this he had 39% from behind the arc. Combined with NBA games in 2017/18 season he had 35% for 3 points. Made very good 1.122 PPP on catch & shoot jumpers. Can score some pull up jumpers out of pick and roll game. Out of 87 possessions he had solid 1.023 PPP on all dribble jumpers. He can force hard closeouts since his shooting stroke keeps improving over the years.

Impressive passer, has great feel for the game. Can make some pretty nice no-look one handed passes. Season average 7.5 assists per game. Will drive and kick or even can dish to big guys or cutters. Gives nice lob passes. Can locate open teammates out of pick and roll and will push it ahead in transition. Huge upside as floor general.

Size helps him defensively, knows how to use size and body on defensive end of the court. A bit slow laterally but knows how to position himself in D. Can cover some ground and run on closeouts. Will alter shots as pick and roll on ball defender. Not mobile but smart enough in avoiding off ball screens. Can switch pick and roll game and defend some bigs on low post.


A bit slow and not as smooth spot up and pull up jumpers. Compensate his shooting speed with his size but still needs time to load. Will get blocked during his pull up jumpers. A bit predictable during his pick and roll and ISO pull up game. Not best creator when settles for pull ups during ISO game. More fluid then explosive. Can struggle finishing in crowd and against contact. Averages 2.4 turnovers per game. Really has some unforced turnovers. Great passer but loves to overdo things. In 2017/18 season averaged 4.1 turnovers per game in G-League. Capable defender but showed that for NBA level biggest weakness is defensive impact. Gives effort but struggled defending elite offensive players. Will struggle against smaller and faster point guards.

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