Jamar Wilson

Position: PG

Height: 6’1″ (185 cm)

Birthday: Feb 2, 1984

Weight: 185 (84 kg)



Good passer, operates form pick and roll. Loves to search fro roll man. Can locate open shooters as well. Will try to break the defense and make drive and kick/dish situations. Decent court vision on the move. Pass it ahead in transition. Plays with head up.


Capable but really streaky shooter. At the moment averages 33% for 3 points making two threes per game. Really scores in streaks. Had 6 games where he didn’t score any threes but keeps trying. When hot can score some pull ups but overall not best pull up shooter.


Has good wingspan and solid footwork. Can really cover ground then motivated. Long wingspan helps him to alter some jumpers. Capable on ball defender. Can run on closeout.


Pretty streaky shooter. Can miss wide open spot up jumpers. Struggles scoring pull up jumpers. Teams decide to go under on him. Can’t beat ‘’unders’’. Out of balance during pull up shooting. Also not so good mid range pull up jumpers. To often out of balance.


Doesn’t turn the corner. More straight line drives (driving left), struggles in traffic. Not so smooth when creates a bit predictable driving left. Can’t stop and plant it, needs to go all the way. Struggles vs hedges. Can turn the ball vs pressure. Averages. 1.5 TOV on 17 minutes playing time.


Can cover ground and can have good defensive impact when motivated. Anyhow can find himself in no man land on weak side defense. Not best in avoiding the screens. Can easily get stuck on every type of screens.

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