Markel Starks

Position: PG

Height: 6’2″ (188 cm)

Birthday: Feb 21, 1991

Weight: 166 (75 kg)



Solid mid-range pull up jumpers. Can pull it up either hand. Likes to plant it with the right hand. Best in planting pull up from mid-range distance. Capable spot up shooter but in past had better three point % compare to what he shots now (28%). Always scores around 1 three per game.

Loves to play in open court. Best in coast to coast game. Solid speed in open court crafty enough when he gets time to load and speed up. Occasionally scores some pick and roll drives.   

Good passer on the move. Loves to probe and kick to shooters. Best facilitator when he gets around or below free throw line. Can pass ahead in open court game. Makes drive and kick situation out of pick and roll game.


Likes to take transition pull ups not so efficient at it. Playing for Saratov had very questionable shot selection. Streaky shooter in this season not as good as years before. Not best hang dribble shooter, rather will take plant pull up jumpers.


Not fast enough to break the defense and finish at rim. Can only do it consistency during open court game. Struggles finishing in traffic and on half court. Tries to finish with floaters but not so good at it. Lacks change of pace and speed when creates from perimeter. Turnover prone Averages 2.4 tovs per game. Whole career is above 2 turnover per game. Poor decision making in crowd and under pressure.


Lacks effort in defense. Capable when motivated but shows lacks of pride. Not sized enough to contest not fast enough to cover the ground. Gets easily scored on.

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