Thaddeus McFadden

Position: PG

Height: 6’2″ (188 cm)

Birthday: May 29, 1987

Weight: 176 (80 kg)



Great pull up shooter. Can really create his own jumper. Pulls it up out of pick and roll game. Capable pull up with right hand, maybe even better right hand pull up compare to left one. Can play off hang dribble. Will use plant pull ups. Goes away form pick and roll and pulls it up. Creates from ISO as well.

Good shooting stroke. His whole career around 40% for three points, averaging at least two threes per game. Can score from standstill good spot up shooter. Can relocate. Will take transition threes as well. Can come off the screens and score. Great shooting threat forces hard closeouts, attacks closeouts with pull up jumpers.

More scoring guard but can pass some out of pick and roll game. Makes simple passes to open shooters out of pick and roll.

Good lateral quickness, can play solid on ball defense. Shows good defensive IQ. Can cover ground. Runs on closeouts. Gives effort avoiding off ball screens.


Not very good driving to the basket, averages about 36% FG around the basket. Rather will take pull up jumpers then go all the way to the rim. Tries to take some floaters but not as efficient in it.

Capable shooter but does need lot of freedom and attempts in order to be efficient. Will take early jumpers. Not patient enough, rather takes pull up jumpers then to drive to the basket.

Good on ball defender but not as good P&R defense. Can get stuck on screens and give up. Loses focus on weak side. Not so good mismatch defender.

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