Alpha Kaba – (60th pick 2017th)


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CURRENT TEAM: Mega Leks  Birthday: 29.01.1996
Height:  208m / 6’10” Weight: 225kg/102lbs


Pretty mobile big guy. Easily plays above the rim. Can load quickly in catch& finish situations. Equally good jumps off of the two feets and off the one foot. Runs the floor well although doesn’t have habits for it and doesn’t do it so often.  . Can play pick and pop and has solid upside for perimeter game. Most effective in off ball game since moves very well without the ball.Definitely his biggest strengths is defense. Huge defensive potential. Can hard hedge in P&R defense, can trap or switch. Gives good effort in defense. Overall solid defender. Solid rim protector.


Last season FT % was very bad as well as three point shooting percentage.  This season improved his outside shooting, has slow mechanics but can score behind the arc. Still need to show consistency in outside shooting but so far it looks like will be one of his strengths. Need to develop his contact game! As a big guy can only play in pick and roll situations. Has no skills for low post game doesn’t absorb contact very well.  Need to improve his low post defense. Not bad defender just lack of experience.




Definitely showed huge improvement from last season. Still need to develop his body if he wants to play on NBA level. Has upside but lacks constancy, and experience.

Overall Rating:

Thanks to his defense can maybe reach NBA level but offensively still not as polish for NBA level.




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