Borisa Simanic (2017-Undrafted)

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CURRENT TEAM: Red Star  Birthday: 22.05.1997
Height:  208cm / 6’9” Weight: 92kg/202lbs


Has excellent size for a shooting  forward position. Narrow, lanky frame, but still has lot of room to fill it out. Agile fluid and mobile. Plays above the rim with the ease. Long arms and good wingspan.Great shooting stroke smooth and high release. Can pull up from deep, great off ball target. Has great touch around the rim. Operates great form perimeter with good balance during pull up game. Good ISO game, attack closeouts and uses cros-over. Nice feel for cutting to open spots and finding angles to score. Great rebounding on both ends. Has great feel for shot blocking. Solid lateral quickness. Good upside for perimeter defense.


One of his biggest problems is   his position since  is not profiled yet. Last season played as PF, in U18 team  played as center, skill set in offense can give him chance to play as SF. Defensively has tools but lacks effort and pride. At the moment would have hard time defending SF’s but also  also can’t guard centers. Lacks more muscles since frame as mentioned is very narrow. Due lack of it he struggles finishing with the contact and also posting another forwards or bigs. He doesn’t feel comfortable posting up and doesn’t have lot of skills on low block.  Very slow transition running he has tools since he is very mobile but has no habit and lacks effort.


Often looks like he is on 50% of his possibility. Never shows any emotions. Doesn’t get much chance playing in Red Star . Played as PF and C in youth teams but clearly likes to play as a wing.  Needs to prove that he can really play on high level. Doesn’t speak any English

Overall Rating:

Huge upside and great NBA prospect. Anyhow needs to prove his worth soon since even this season he s not getting much playing opportunities.  Entering zone where lot of people is doubting will he reach his full potential.


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