Ilimane Diop (Undrafted)

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CURRENT TEAM: Laboral Baskonia Birthday: 04.04.1996
Height:  211m / 6’11” Weight: 216kg/98lbs


Long and mobile bit guy with big wingspan. Runs the floor extremely well on both ends. Utilize his mobility mainly on defensive end of the court. Solid rim protector.Very good FT % and solid shooting upside. Can play from perimeter and face up during low post game. Good defensive player. Great P&R defense and also transition defense. Good upside for rim protector.


Problem is he is fading away during low post face up game. Can’t create  on low post since he  doesn’t absorb contact very well. At the moment very weak and need to put some more weight and muscles. Gets the ball to far from basket. Turnover prone. Has hard time staying in game since he is foul prone.


Look like last year had bigger role in team then what he gonna have this season. In only one game this season had good production. Born in Senegal   came to Spain at age 14 and was naturalized

Overall Rating:

Solid  backup player . Due lack of offensive skill sets will have hard time to play in NBA, anyhow solid defensive upside can maybe help him to become role player.


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