Serge Mourtala (2017-Undrafted)

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CURRENT TEAM: Baloncesto Torrelodones Birthday: 28.01.1998
Height:  213cm / 7’0” Weight: 90kg/ 210lbs


Serge is very mobile big guy. Has great size and huge wingspan. He is very light on his feets and runs the floor  very well.  Serge can  plays above the rim with the ease. Has good touch around the rim what helps him in catch & finish situations.  Long arms gives Serge huge and  great upside as rim protector. Mourtala has good  but slow shooting stroke.  Definitely has potential to play form perimeter but still not  polished. Runs on close outs from weak side and can even take charges in defense.


Still light at 210lbs/90kg and need to work on his weight and toughness. Slow shooting stroke, so gets easily blocked despite having long arm and good size. When plays from perimeter has very bad decision making. Has hard time establishing good position on post. and doesn’t have  many post moves. Will rather settle for face-up jumpers. Doesn’t use left hand so often. Could be more aggressive in offensive rebounding. Long arms helps him in defensive rebounding but very weak boxing out. Overall not consistent in defense, bites on fakes and gets easily pushed. Lacks motivation and effort


Doesn’t look like hard working player. Has huge upside but look like player who need to work a lot. Comes from Niger lives away from his parents.

Overall Rating: 

Playes in Torrlodones from Spain. Team that developed several big guys and has good basketball academy. Has huge upside and chance to play on very high level. Mainly depend from his commitment and work ethic.

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