Emmanuel Lecomte Interview by JC Ruiz

Emmanuel Lecomte point guard from Belgium started his college career playing two years in a row for Miami Hurricanes. In 2015 Manu deiced to transfer at Baylor University. From this distance it's seems like his decision to sit out  a year and make a transfer influenced his game on positive way. In season 2016/17 Lacomte averages 12.3 points per game adding 3.9 successful passes . Manu Lecomte proved his great shooting ability in this season scoring 2.2 threes per game shooting  41% from behind the arc.  5'11" tall point guard showed he is capable playing at different speed and is not afraid of contact game, taking it all the way to the basket. In his 3 years of college career Manu has total average of 0.33 FT/FGA.  JC Ruiz spent some time getting to know Emmanuel Lecomte bit closer and preparing this interview with him.


To somebody who hasn’t seen you play before, how would you describe your game to them?
I would say that I'm a score first point guard that also like to get my team involved. I like to shoot the 3 and also use my speed to get to rim or to draw and kick and find an open teammate.
Who has been the most difficult opponent you have faced?
Probably Louisville since it's a really good defensive team they did a great job of keeping the ball out of my hands during the game and offensively they have multiple shooter coming off ball screens.
How has your experience at Baylor been?
It's been a great experience so far I'm happy with my decision and I know it was worth sitting out a year.
What’s been the biggest basketball moment of your career?
It's a tough one cause I've had so many great basketball experiences but I would say every summer I go back to Belgium and represent my country by playing for my national team in the European championship.
Where do you see yourself five years from now?
Five years from now I see myself playing in the NBA.
What means March for you right now?
March means everything. This is the best time of the year where anything can happen. It's going to be my first time playing in the tournament so this is all new to me.
At what age did you realize basketball was something you wanted to pursue?
I started playing basketball when I was 5. Ever since that day I knew that's what I wanted to do in life I just loved it and stuck with it.
Do you feel like you have anything to prove playing in this game?
Ever since I started playing basketball, I was always the smallest player so people knew I was good but they didn't think I could reach the next level because I was undersized. So yes everyday in practice or game I want to remind people that size doesn't matter and that it could actually be an advantage in some ways.
Is there anybody you model your game after?
My idol has always been Tony Parker and I guess I model my game after him.
What do you want to add or improve on?
Shooting is a big part of my game so I always want to improve my shooting no matter what. Maybe add more moves to my game so I can create my shot off the dribble better.
What is your plan for the next season?
My plan next year is to come back to Baylor and be better than ever in order for me to lead my team the furthest possible and have a great season.
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