Dejan Radonjic - P&R Play

Pretty dynamic Pick and Roll play that Dejan Radonjic used to run with Bayern Munich. Good play where SG will be ball-handler during P&R. Set could and should be played as transition set.

Bob Donewald Jr.- P&R Play

Bob Donewald Jr. is presenting us top P&R set played after floppy action. Pretty  common P&R play could be used vs hard hedges and if defense is trying to go under during on ball screens. 

Bob Donewald Jr. - Motion P&R

One more set from Bob Donewald Jr. Starting with UCLA cut Bob loves to continuously play P&R in order to find best possible shot for his team. 

Vlade Jovanovic - Top P&P entry

How many options and from simple Pick and Pop entry we can see in Vlade Jovanovic set play he was running with Lokomotiv Kuban. 

Vlade Jovanovic - High Post Entry

From simple Horns set Vlade Jovanovic was running some pretty nice sets with great options for open shots. 

Vlade Jovanovic -Floppy to Step Up

Simple floppy action leading into step up Pick and Roll with different spacings by coach Vlade Jovanovic. 

Sasa Obradovic - Spanish P&R

Pretty nice execution  of Spanish P&R game from Sasa Obradovic team. Great to see how they are using Spanish P&R vs different type of defenses including zone defense. 

Sasa Obradovic - Top P&R game

Top P&R game from Sasa Obradovic. Idea of set is to force defense to play only drop or switch type of defense. 

Vlade Jovanovic - Pistol Action

Regular Pistol action by coach Vlade Jovanovic and all options he was running from it. 

Sasa Obradovic - Guard Slip to Pick

Guard Guard screen/slip leading into P&R game or low post options from it by coach Sasa Obradovic. 

Vlade Jovanovic - Spanish P&R

Take a look how is Vlade Jovanovic team playing Spanish P&R game. 

Zeljko Obradovic - Hammer Screen

Hammer Screen with Step up pick and roll game is perfect set to open shooters out of pick and roll.