Giorgi Shermadini

Position: C

Height: 7’1″ (216 cm)

Birthday: Apr 2, 1989

Weight: 248 (112 kg)



Good interior scorer. Can set the good screens and dive to the rim. Plays above the rim with ease. Impressive ability to roll despite the size and some lack of quickness. Easily load off of two feet and one foot as well. Can even catch the lobs. Crafty around the rim. Good finisher with the right hand. Will score hook shots. Searches right hand to finish around the rim. Can run in transition when gives effort and when he is motivated.

Hard to box out. Can really keep plays alive. Gets the ball above the defender head. Solid feel for rebound. Knows how to use screens. Makes good screens cuts.

Impressive feel on right hand hook jumper. Makes running hooks. Really hard to stop during post up game. Makes deep catches. Has good feel with the right hand. Spins baseline. Always finds way to score with his dominant hand around the rim. Can even operate from low post and locate open teammates. Best in finding cutters.


Not quick laterally but size helps him to have defensive presence. Intimidates guards during pick and roll defense. Forces them away from basket. Alter shots, has some rim protections. Not simple  to score on during post up game because of his size. Not easy to move off the spot. Good defensive rebounder. 


Pretty hard to stop inside, anyhow always search for right hand finishing. Good at it but can force it a bit. If managed to force left will struggle scoring around the rim. Not so good off hand finisher. At times will force right hand running hook jumpers.

Good passer out of low post, still struggles vs pressure/double team type of defense. Can pass when has time to load and prepare. Not best decision making when needs to speed up and when he’s trapped. 

Solid interior defender thanks to his size and presence in paint. In same time laterally very slow. Struggles covering ground. Limited to drop pick and roll defense. Will struggle defending flying on ball screens when guards managed to speed it up. Will struggle defending pick and pop or short roll. On low post can alter jumpers but in same time will struggle defending faster big guys. Will react on fakes.

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