Aleksa Avramovic

Position: SG/PG

Height: 6’4″ (193 cm)

Birthday: Oct 25, 1994

Weight: 182 (83 kg)



Loves to drive to the basket out of pick and roll game. Good finisher with the left hand. Can score some floaters as well. At times goes away form screen and finish at the rim. Can attack closeouts mainly going left. Loves to play coast to coast. Has good speed in one court. Makes weak side cuts. Solid off ball movement. Has solid feel for offensive rebound. Keeps the play alive. Averages 0.8 o- boards per game.

Constantly attacks the baskets. Probes and dishes to the big guy. Can also probe and kick. Also he will drive and dish in transition during coast to coast game.
Capable spot up shooter. Lefty has decent stroke and jumper. Scores 1.3 threes per game but takes 5.3. Shooting needs consistency but showed that he is capable spot up shooter once he sets his feet.

Really gives effort on defensive end of the court. Tries hard shows pride. Can cover ground. Has solid footwork. Runs on closeouts.


Struggles scoring pull up jumpers. Tries to score fade away jumpers but he is never in balance and pull up jumper is not so smooth. Not so good coming off the screens. Poor footwork, always stops on hop never 1-2 (plant). Best as spot up shooter when set. Not so productive pull up shooter and coming off the screens.


At times runs in traffic without the plan. More straight line driver then shifty ball creator. Not so good finisher with off hand. Always search to finish with left, gets blocked while doing that. Not elite pick and roll player. Struggles turning corner.

A bit turnover prone. Doesn’t bring best decision on the move. Struggles passing out of pick and roll. Poor court vision. Not shifty doesn’t change directions.


Has all defensive tools needed. Does lack experience in defense. At times will be over aggressive. Will gamble and try to reach. Goes under the screens during pick and roll defense, gets stuck on screens.

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