Martin Hermannsson

Position: PG/SG

Height: 6’3″ (191 cm)

Birthday: Sep 16, 1994 

Weight: 2170 (77 kg)



Good spot up shooter. Season 36% for three points. Makes 1.9 threes per game. Can even come off the screens and score, versatile footwork. Quick release, smooth jumper. Can create his own jumper out of P&R game. Good left hand pull up jumpers. Can even score some right hand pull ups. Attacks closeouts with pull up Js. Overall good shooting stroke.

Plays at good speed and can change the speed, good ball-handling. Drives to the rim out of pick and roll, mainly goes right. Good weak side cutter. Has good feel for the game. Season 58% around the rim. Can score some floaters but lacks constancy.  

Good court vision. Can really pass the ball. Equally good plays as PG or SG. Operates from pick and roll. Gives some nice one hand passes. Averages 8.6 AST per 40. Has impressive 0.55 AST/FGA ratio. Plays with head up on the move. Good court vision in open court game. Can drive and kick.

Good footwork and footspeed. Can cover ground. Not physical enough but quick enough to stop his man. Best as on ball defender. Doesn’t  alter all shots but disturb ball-handlers thanks to quickness.


A bit skinny and not strong enough. Doesn’t meet physicality around the rim. Likes to take floaters but has only 33% on his floater shots. Quick enough to break the defense and take it to the rim but does lack some burst and explosiveness.

Not ISO type of guard. Can score out of pick and roll but not efficient ISO player. Has poor rating making only 0.5 PPP during ISO game. Doesn’t have needed explosives and change of pace for ISO game.

Has only 0.25 STL/TOV ratio. At times struggles to play vs pressure. Can be turnover prone. Averages 2.5 TOVs per game. Likes to give home run passes. Can be disturb with physicality and pressure.

Has good defensive speed and footwork, anyhow will quit playing defense at times. Especially struggles avoiding on ball screens. Loves to stunt and help from weak side. Played in system where he is allowed to over help from weak side. Will be late to closeout on shooter because of that habit. For same reason might struggle to cover ground. Will give effort but struggles defending post due lack of physicality.

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