C.J. Williams

Position: PG

Height: 6’5″ (196 cm)

Birthday: Feb 6, 1990 

Weight: 225 (102 kg)



Good shooting stroke. In season 2018/19 he had 37% in G-League ( 32% in NBA ). Scored 1.039 PPP on catch and shoot jumpers. Can step into 3PTS in transition. Compact and smooth stroke. Best from standstill or once he relocates. Showed some potential coming off the screens. Can score pull up jumpers out of pick and roll. Good pull up jumpers from left and even right hand. Pulls up out of ISO as well. Can pull it up attacking the closeouts. Rises over the defense. Overall good pull up jumpers.

Not best finisher around the rim for NBA level. Anyhow, in season 2018/19 had 1.193 PPP around the basket with 58% FG in G-League. Can take it to the rim out of pick and roll game or hand off attacks. Good finisher with left hand. More smooth than explosive. In the same season, 14% of his game came after pick and roll game. Scored 0.875 PPP with very good rating (72%). Spot up shooting threat forces hard closeouts. Shifty enough to go by defender and finish at rim. Can play above the rim in open space. Makes weak side cuts. His scoring versatility can come to the point in European basketball.

Can really operate from pick and roll. Locates open teammates. Waits for bigs to get open. Can give some impressive one hand passes. Besides passing out of pick and roll, also very productive in transition. Plays with head up and pass it ahead. Can drive and kick or dish. In season 2018/19 he had only 9.4 TOV %, also good 1.38 AST/TOV ratio. Plays with poise and in his pace.

Shows really good IQ in defense. Anticipates the game very well. Good footwork. Can defend in ISO or cover ground on closeouts. Avoid screens in pick and roll defense. Tries hard to recover. Runs on closeouts and alter jumpers. Thanks to wingspan, can even switch on ball screens. Will box his man out.


Lacks some of the burst on offensive end of the floor. Can break the defense and go to the rim, but lacks power and change of pace to finish strong at the rim. Can attack either side and hand, but he is more productive if he stops and pull it up, compare to finish at rim. Can get in trouble at rim and doesn’t turn corner on high level once drives to the basket.

Bit slow jumper especially for NBA level. Not so productive coming off the screens. Not in balance. Doesn’t stop on a dime , fades on his jumpers coming off the screens. Can be easily contested on his jumpers, if he doesn’t speed it up. Not so good right side corner shooter.

At times can look very relax and lazy on defensive end of the court. Might have casual approach when plays on ball defense. Will miss closeouts or just fly by shooters. Will challenge some shooters not even going to contest their jumpers.

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