Justin Anderson

Position: SF/SG

Height: 6’6″ (198 cm)

Birthday: Nov 19, 1993

Weight: 231 (105 kg)



Knows how to use his upper/lower body strengths. Strong wing who can finish vs contact. Best in making straight line drives. Solid first step. In season 2018/19 he had 1.064 PPP around the basket with 53% FG. Can finish above the rim. Has good ability to rise up. Can catch the lobs. Solid weak side cutter. In the same season had averages 2.2 offensive rebounds per 40. Can keep the plays alive. Pesky rebounder.

Good body and strengths helps him in defense. Moves solid laterally and has good wingspan 6-11. Not best awareness and fundamentals in defense but at times will make great plays in defense. Can protect the rim and play good on ball defense.

Capable shooter when he is set and has time to load. He finished season 2018/19 shooting 50% in last 7 games, shooting 14 out of 28. Prior that he only had 20% for 3PTS (10/49) in other 41 games he played. Had below averages 0.818 PPP on catch and shoot jumpers. But in total, in same season, he had 31% for 3 PTS. During senior college season had 45% for three, scoring 1.8 threes per game. In his junior season he had only 29% for three points. Can score some left hand pull up jumpers.


Pretty much straight line driver and open court type of guy. Has no real skill in offense. Can’t create much with the ball. Good physical tools but has no skills to add to it. Can only play pick and roll with flying pick. Didn’t post up at all even he has strength. Can’t turn the corner. Poor ball-handler. Can only finish with the left hand almost never tries with off hand. Runs in traffic like a bull.

Lot of question marks about his shooting. Slow jumper and slow release. Only scored 4 pull up jumpers in whole season 2018/19. In first 11 games in the same season, scored only one three pointer ( 1 out of 15 , 6% !!! ).

Seems like he doesn’t care about closeout defense. Poor pick and roll defender. Doesn’t avoids screens. At times looks like he doesn’t know how to use his body and tools on defensive end of the court. Gets scored on during ISO defense. Just quit or bite in sample fakes. Used to switch everything in pick and roll. Will be late to contest. Despite long arms, doesn’t alter jumpers at all. Stays on heels and ground.

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