Sasu Salin

Position: SG

Height: 6’3″ (191 cm)

Birthday: Jun 11, 1991

Weight: 191 (87 kg)



Good three point shooter. Scores 2.2 threes per game. Almost in every season had around 2 scored threes per game. Takes 6.3 threes per game. Never had less then 4 threes per game in his whole career. Can come off the screens and score. Best coming off the screens on shooters right hand (left-right stop). Can score off flare screens as well. Good spot up shooter. Takes 3s in transition.

Can score some pull up jumpers. Mainly scores pull ups when he attack closeouts. Can pull it up in transition. Best in planting his pull up 1-2.

Capable passer. Doesn’t play much with the ball so if he doesn’t have his jumpers will give up the ball, make extra passes or give pass to open teammates. Capable making some weak side cuts since defense will always chase him.


Mainly plays as off ball target. Limited to catch & shoot situations. Tries to drive to the basket but can’t break the defense and finish at the rim. Not explosive, doesn’t create with the ball. Doesn’t turn the corner.

Doesn’t have big defensive impact. Slow laterally, tries to contest some jumpers but not explosive and doesn’t cover lot of ground. Not most effective weak side defense as well. Poor on ball defender.

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