Duda Sanadze

Position: SG

Height: 6’5″ (196 cm)

Birthday: Jul 25, 1992 

Weight: 210 (95 kg)




Good spot up shooter. Scores 1.9 threes per game and takes 5.7 (34%). Solid shooter when catches on hop. At times can score coming off the screens. Bit slow footwork but can knock down jumpers if he gets time to load. Will step into threes in transition. Occasionally can score some pull up jumpers. 


Can make straight line drives. Slow first step and uses to many dribbles but can get it to the rim at times. Spot up shooting forces closeouts can go by them driving right. Not very fast laterally but show flashes anticipating what offensive player going to do. With extra effort can cover some ground.


Not very good in turning the corner and creating off the dribble. Struggles changing speed and direction. Average ball-handler. Struggles scoring out of P&R. Good spot up shooter but not as effective pull up shooter.

Not fast first step, struggles playing in traffic. Really can’t turn the corner and create. Below the rim in traffic.

Doesn’t have speed in defense. Has some anticipation but struggles avoiding the screens and keeping the guy in front of him.

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