Diante Garrett

Position: PG

Height:  6’5″ (196 cm)

Birthday: Nov 3, 1988

Weight: 181 (82 kg)



Solid three point shooter. Last season before the injury he had 37% for 3 pts. Can score spot up jumpers. Creates off the dribble. Can pull it up out of pick and roll. Uses step backs to create separation. Can pull it up either hand. A bit better pull up jumper using his left hand.

Can get to the rim using his size. Loves to drive left, capable finisher with the left hand. Drives to the rim out of P&R. Loves to play coast to coast in open court. Solid weak side cutter. Good in give and go situations.

Had average of impressive 6.2 AST per game. Can see the floor. Operates from pick and roll. Good at finishing the roll man. Can pass it either hand. Size allows him to see over the defender. Probes and kicks to shooters. Good court vision on the move.

Anticipate the game very well. Not very quick footwork but can cover ground thanks to defensive IQ. Solid weak side defense. Seems like he reads the scouting well.  


Shifty but not explosive at all. Struggles finishing in traffic. Plays at one pace and same speed. Needs time to gets his endurance. Questionable shape because of injury. Didn’t play for a year.  Wasn’t explosive before injury question how his speed is now. 

Very streaky shooter. In 2019 started season shooting 53% for 3 pts in first 10 games. In Eurocup  had 43% for 3 PTS but took almost 8 three pointers per game. In Turkish league had only 32% for 3 pts on 5 attempts per game. In December 2018 had stretch of  6 games scoring only 3 three pointers total with 18% FG. Loses balance when takes right hand pull up jumpers. A bit low release.

Turnover prone, averaged 2.6 TOVs per game. In 2018 season had 2.4 and year before that 3.3. Will make unforced turnovers. Questionable decision making. A bit casual approach.  

Has solid defensive IQ but really lacks effort. Will show carless approach at times. Gambles to much will not put his body from weak side. Gives up on closeouts. Gets stuck on screen. Not so good footwork. To up right in stance.


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