Alpha Diallo

Position: SF/PF

Height: 6’7″ (201 cm)

Birthday: Jun 29, 1997

Weight: 210 (95 kg)



Capable post-up player. Averaged 1.0 PPP in his senior year via post ups. Had excellent ranking. 10% of his game comes via post ups. Holds position, has decent touch with his right hand. More efficient post-up player when guarded by SF’s. 

Uses his mobility to get to the glass. Will follow his own misses. Averaged impressive 3.2 O-Boards per game. Makes himself available off the ball, even though finishing around the rim need some polish.  Light on his feet. Can get up & down in transition. Will crass defensive glass and push.  Shows solid handles in transition. Plays above the rim in space.

Decent shooter when gets the time to prepare his jumpers. In senior season scored 1 three per game, year before averaged 1.2 threes per game. Season 32% for 3 pts. Uses jab step to create separation. Showed some flashes scoring pull up jumpers. His pull up game still needs development but at times capable scorer. Made 0.777 PPP on all dribble jumpers had good ranking with 53% ‘tile’. 

Good and powerful straight line drives. Maybe of the best skills he has. Can finish either hand although he’s not so consistent left hand finisher. Uses spin moves while attacks basket from perimeter.

Averaged 2.5 AST per game. Willing passer. Will give extra pass and locate open teammates. Pass it ahead in open court. Can drive and kick or dish.

Good on ball defender. Has good footwork. Can cover ground. Quick on his feet. Runs on closeouts. When gives effort really capable defender.



Not best creator with the ball. More straight line driver, doesn’t turn the corner. Likes to settles with floaters, anyhow has only 0.364 PPP via floaters. Questionable left hand finisher. Season below average FG around the rim. Averaged 45% FG around the basket.

Struggles scoring on low post vs stronger bigs and forwards. A bit predictable Post-up game. Also inconsistent pull up shooter. Will just try to rise over the defense. Doesn’t have ability to create and break the D.

Inconsistent shooter, shot is not broken yet. Needs time to prepare his jumper. Will have some heavy misses and shot some air balls. Averaged 0.744 PPP on catch & shoot jumpers. Poor shooting vs contested jumpers had 19% FG.

Capable defender but effort comes and goes. At times will just give up and show lack of effort. Can be carless on defensive end of the court.



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