Bogdan Karaicic – Videos

Video  is an extremely popular medium. My video editing work involves using software such as  Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects to assemble footage, remove extraneous scenes, and sync up the action with the audio.  Video editing work  can help you create high-impact video productions for your club team or even company. Through my experience, regarding teams I used to coach before, I used my video editing skills managing pre-game videos, players interviews, club promo videos, commercials. At one stage I even managed to create club news and small TV show. All my video work you can check and see on links  below. 

Promo Videos – Winning is an attitude

Promo Video – The Dream

Pre Game Players Presentation

Players Interviews

Players Funny Interviews

Players Funny Interviews – Chris Gabriel

Post Game Interviews – 1st Home Game 2014

Post Game Interviews – 2nd Home Game 2014

Players Promo Video – Filip Rajovic

Players Promo Video – Philip Hertz

Team FOG Næstved News

Team FOG Næstved – Coaches Corner