Greg Whittington

Position: PF

Height: 6’8″ (203 cm)

Birthday: Feb 7, 1993

Weight: 212 (96 kg)



Solid interior scorer. Good and quick roll after he sets on ball screens. Knows when to roll to the basket and when to short roll or pop. Good post up players. Size and mobility allows him to scorer over the defenders. Good feel during post up game. Knows how to play vs switches. At times can score some post up jumpers. 

Solid spot up shooters. Can be pick and pop threat as well. Loves to take threes in transition. Attacks closeouts thanks to shooting threat. Makes straight line drives. 

Loves to play in transition. Fluid athlete can even play coast to coast. Light on his feet. Runs the floor well. Good passer in season 2018/19 averaged 2.6 AST per game. Operates from low post. Can even give some lob passes. Push it ahead in transition. Good court vision on the move. 

Mobile enough to have solid defensive impact. Can cover ground when motivated. Can also switch on ball screens. Solid interior defender. Gives effort and plays hard in defense.Capable rim protector as well. 


Has strange shooting technique and at times pretty bad shot selection. Loves to take jumpers in transition, force it to much. Not best ISO creator and overall creator from perimeter. Average to below average pull up shooter. 

Doesn’t turn the corner. Could easily chose not to take those type of perimeter attacks but keeps doing it. Will run in traffic and turn the ball over. Not so good touch on runners/floaters. 

Defensive effort really comes and goes. Capable defender but can appear lazy at times. Doesn’t sit in stance, loves to gamble in defense. Allows deep catches during post up defense.  

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