Jarrod Jones

Position: PF

Height: 6’9″ (206 cm)

Birthday: May 27, 1990

Weight: 231 (105 kg)



Versatile scorer, can score from perimeter or after inside game. Drives to the basket and score spot up jumpers. Can be pick and roll or pick and pop target. At times can even create his own pull up jumpers. Good post up player finishing with right hand.  Capable passer as well but not main part of his game.

Capable but very inconsistent defender. Can cover some ground and alter jumpers thanks to size and mobility. Needs to put more effort in defense.  



Questionable consistency in each segment of his game. Can do a bit of everything but can appear doing nothing. Can be streaky shooter who depends from first made spot up jumper. Not so good left hand finisher and driver. 

Most of the times has poor defensive effort. Late to contest jumpers, has only average footwork. Plays with hands down, can be knock off the spots during post up defense. 



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