Asbjorn Midtgaard


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CURRENT TEAM: Horsholm 79ers Birthday: 20.09.1997
Height: 210cm / 6’10” Weight: 110kg/ 242lbs

Body and athleticism:

With 6-10 Asbjorn possess great size and length. Long wingspan and great body frame makes him above average athlete. Asbjorn is very strong  with wide upper body and moves well for his size. Need to work on his coordination with and without the ball.


Asbjorn main quality is playing around the rim and he is also capable easily loading  above the rim.  He still doesn’t posses great shooting technique. Shots FT with 66% and still developing his mid range shooting. His right hand hook shoot is his biggest advantage. Solid turnarounds on low post.


Pure big guy/center. Asbjorn still can’t play of PF position. His main game is on low post. Use his body well to create advantage on low post but despite his big frame still struggles sometimes  to establish deep post position. As a big target  he is always ready for receiving ball. He takes an advantage on rolling after ball screens but has struggle finishing if weak side commit. He isn’t light on his feet and doesn’t run floor very  well but still he capable to set good  screens in transition. He can see above his defender and that makes him a solid passer. Due lack of coordination Asbjorn is turnover prone, he has 3.1 TO on 40 minutes.


Very active rebounder, average 10 rebounds per game  on 40 minutes pace adjusted.  Asbjorn possesses all necessary tools to become reliable defender on position 5 – as his size, length allow him to cover space inside the paint. He is solid rim protector with 1.9 blocks on 40 minutes. Doesn’t shy away from contact on defensive end of the court  . Solid in P&R defense, while he is in drop,  still isn’t  quick enough to  hard hedge in P&R D.


Has great room for improvement since started playing basketball 3 years ago. Still in development process and for time he is playing basketball he developed a lot. Part of Danish U18  national team

Overall Rating: 

Still develops but has great potential and future in front of him.

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