Dejan Kravic

Position: C

Height: 6’11” (211 cm)

Birthday: Sep 9, 1990 

Weight: 230 (104 kg)



Good pick and roll finisher. Quick on his feet, sets screens and dives to the basket. Can finish either hand around the rim after pick and roll game.  Jumps off either foot. Capable making one dribble finish after he sets on ball screens. Solid reaction as short roll target. Can play above the rim. When gets time to load can even catch the lobs. Sets the screen on both sides of the court. Not limited with neither hand.

Can make straight line drives. Good attacking both directions. Can finish either hand. Best when he makes one dribble drive. Can finish above the rim once he plays from perimeter. Uses his mobility to get to the rim.

Solid interior scorer and off ball target. Mobile enough to make weak side cuts. Can run the floor very well. Keep the plays alive thanks to aggressiveness and mobility. At this moment averages 2.5 o-boards per game. Last season had 2.2 per game. Total average of 6.6 rebounds per game.

Not his main option but still capable passer once he gets the ball after pocket pass. Can operate a bit from perimeter. Averages 1.1 AST per game best in his career so far.


Capable defender, mobile enough to cover the ground. Size helps him as interior defender. Can protect the rim averages 1.0 BLKs per game. Can play all type of Pick and Roll defense. Solid upside as on ball defender. With proper effort can even switch on ball screens. Alter shots thanks to his wingspan and mobility.


Not so good post-up game. Gets moved off the spots cannot move defenders. Struggles finishing vs contact. Doesn’t seems strong enough to play on post. Seems like he is more catch & finish type of big guy.

Not best finisher in traffic and vs contact. Has solid size and reach and in general he is good off ball target but at times will have hard time finishing vs stronger bigs. Can bring some poor decision on the move and during his straight line drives. 

Solid defender but at times lacks focus and has poor judgment. Can get freezed during P&R defense.  Guards can go by him with the ease. Can be a step slow contesting the jumpers. Not so strong interior defender. Gets scored on during post ups. 



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