Stevan Jelovac

Position: PF

Height: 6’10” (208 cm)

Birthday: Jul 8, 1989

Weight: 242 (110 kg)



Has solid post up game. Will score face up and fade away jumpers. Has good feel on the left hook jumpers. Uses up and under moves to get to the rim. Size helps him to finish around the rim.

Can stretch the floor via spot ups. Good pick and pop target. Lefty with high release and solid stroke. Best when he has his feet set and ready. Can score some pull up jumpers. Good in attacking closeouts with pull up Js.

Can keep the plays alive thanks to size and presence in pain. At times can roll after he sets on ball screens. Not the best passer but can give extra pass and some passes after he rolls after on ball screens.


Compensates lack of lateral quickness with defensive IQ. Has solid anticipation on defensive end of the court. Read the game well. Knows personnel’s. 



Has good size but below the rim type of forward. Shies away from contact and in traffic. Likes to take fade away jumpers instead of taking it to the rim and using his size. Easily loses the balance.

Will take spot up jumpers by any cause. Not patient enough will take contested three pointers early in offense. Not so fast and can’t create much from perimeter. Scores some pull ups but really need time and space to prepare it.  

Turnover prone. Makes unforced turnovers. Turns the ball with simple passes. Predictable passing game.


Poor footwork and lateral speed. Skates on the floor once he is on defensive end of the court. Slow in running on closeouts. Easy to score on during post ups. Not so good on ball defender. Can hedge but can’t recover. 


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