Mouhammadou Jaiteh

Position: C

Height: 6’11” (211 cm)

Birthday: Nov 27, 1994

Weight: 247 (112 kg)



Good interior scorer thanks to size and touch. Can score floaters, has good hands. Good pick and roll target. Moves well without the ball good catch & finisher. Can finish with the left when comes close to the rim. Mobile enough can run the floor. Plays above the rim.

Has some upside as post up scorer and passer. Can make deep catches and finish at the rim. Decent touch on right hook jumpers. Can score with the left but only after deep catches. At times operates from low post. Post up game still need some polish but shows good flashes.

Impressive rebounder. Averages double-double in VTB league. Has 10 rebounds per game. Keep the plays alive. Unbelieve 4.2 offensive rebounds per game. Really hard to box out. Pesky rebounder. Follows his own misses. Great rebounder overall. 

Size helps him on defensive end of the court. Intimidates guards during pick and roll defense. Hard to score during post ups. Not best feel as rim protector but size helps him to alter jumpers. Hard to score over, long wingspan. Averages 0.6 BLKs per game.


Poor left hand finisher. Really needs to catch it deep in order to finish with the left hand. Not so polish post up game, struggles staying in balance. Not so many post up moves. Makes offensive fouls when he pins down.

Good size helps him in defense, anyhow have very bad footwork. Compare to size should be better rim protector. Struggles scoring FTs. Averages 56% from FT line. Takes 4.8 FTs per game  scores only 2.4.

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