Bob Donewald Jr

Bob Donewald Jr. (born c. 1968) is an American basketball coach.He was an NBA assistant with the New Orleans Hornets and Cleveland Cavaliers from 2001 to 2004. 

In 2009, after Yao Ming took control of the Shanghai Sharks, a Chinese Basketball Association team, he chose Donewald as the coach of the team. As a result of the good performance of Shanghai Sharks in this season, Donewald was chosen as the coach of Chinese National Basketball Team.

Season 2018 Donewald ended as head coach of  Lokomotiv Kuban in Russia where coach Bob demonstrated great offensive philosophy and concept.  

During his career coach Donewald  proved his worth coaching on 3 different continents where he managed quickly to implement his coaching philosophy and concepts. 

Take a look at Bob Donewald offensive concept & philosophy  it is definitely video worth watching. 

Donewald Jr. is always well prepared coach and one of the better ones in terms of ATO situations. During his time in Lokomotiv Kuban, team from Russia had impressive 1.412 PPP coming out of timeouts. Some of coach Bob ATO sets you can see in link below. 

In same time watching Bob Donewalds Pin Down #5 to #4 Series, you can see his in game adjustments and one of his favorite offensive sets. 

Two nice sets which demonstrate Bob Donewald Jr. concept & philosophy of great ball movement could be founded on links below. P&R game after floppy action and continuously P&R game after UCLA cut are great sets where every player in the team gets chance to touches the ball and create open shot for his teammates. 

Pretty effective pick and pop play  with #4 from coach Bob could be seen on links below. This set we broke down with 2 examples since set could also be played as SOB and has several good options. Take a closer look at it. 

One of  the many innovation coach Bob Jr. brought with him during his time in Lokomotiv Kuban is definitely his secondary break offense. Instead of typical  drag screens or early low post situations  most of the team are playing Donewald utilized  skills of his power forwards with secondary break you can see only on our web page. 

As last part of offensive concept take a closer look how coach Bob is preparing his team against zone defense. You can see teaching points from coach Bobs practice and also in game adjustments. 

Enjoy in basketball worth watching.