Sasa Obradovic

Saša Obradović (born c. 1969) is a Serbian professional basketball coach and former player. As a professional basketball player, Obradović played for Crvena zvezda, Limoges, Alba Berlin, Virtus Roma, Budućnost Podgorica, and RheinEnergie Köln, until his retirement in 2005.

Immediately after his retirement as a basketball player, Obradović began his coaching career, and was appointed the head coach of RheinEnergie Köln, where he served until 2008. He also coached at Kyiv, Turów Zgorzelec, and Donetsk. After coaching those teams, he joined Alba Berlin, in 2012. On May 23, 2016, it was announced that Obradović would leave ALBA.

In November 2016, Obradović signed to be the head coach of the Russian club Lokomotiv Kuban, of the VTB United League.He left Lokomotiv Kuban on November 4, 2018.

Obradović got his first taste of the NBA through Summer League coaching stints with Brooklyn Nets, Atlanta Hawks and San Antonio Spurs.

In February 2019, Obradović was named a head coach of AS Monaco of the LNB Pro A.

Sasa Obradovic is one of the best coaches in Europe at the moment. Great tactician and coach with huge basketball IQ. He is coach who is always very well prepared and has one of the better offensive playbooks you can find. For every type of defense Sasa is having ready answer. Great playbook and offensive ideas by coach Sasa makes all his videos basketball videos worth watching. 

Sasa Obradovic has several sets he used to low post his guard. Similar entries and spacings but in same time different. Hard for defense to prepare and to know on which way Sasa’s team gonna post them up 

Coach Sasa doesn’t stop there. More options for guard   low post you can see on links below.

Also coach Sasa Obradovic will have his playbook ready for low posting his big guys. Don’t miss watching floppy actions which leads in post up game for bigs. 

There is never enough things you can do from floppy action. Check what coach Sasa will do from floppy action beside things you already saw.

More options from same entry you can see below. Great Pick and roll motion set and ATO option from it coach Sasa used with his team. 

Talking about Pick and Roll game you can’t allow yourself not to see great and pretty common pick and roll play coach Obradovic used with his team. Anyhow more then a play it is great to see great fashion his team executes his sets. Same goes for Sasa’s pistol action play. 

From same pistol action Sasa also played Spanish P&R as well his team played regular Spanish P&R game. 

Simple pick and roll game but one more time great way how team does all needed things. As well it s worth watching coach Sasa’s guard-guard slip to P&R game concept.  

Pin down to pick and roll and regular Horns Side set will also lead us later in all Horns options coach Sasa Obradovic was playing with his team. 

Double pick and roll game from Horns aliment and pin down game from Horns is also part of coach Sasa Obradovic playbook. 

Coach Sasa loves to force switches and mismatches so he can use best available options from it. 

Coach Sasa has some of nice baseline inbound plays as well. 

Everything coach Obradovic team is doing in transition is also basketball worth watching. Just the way team was playing simple drag screens or step up in transiton is just simple nice to watch. Same goes for early low post game coach Sasa was playing. 

Last but not least is coach Sasa Press Breaker. Pretty smooth nice and smart way to get out of press defense.