Trae Golden

Position: PG

Height:  6’2″ (188 cm)

Birthday: Oct 5, 1991

Weight: 205 (93 kg)


Great Pick and Roll player. Uses all of the options available in the P&R game. P&R ball-handler is 40% of his game. Scores very good 0.942 PPP as P&R Ball-Handler. Smooth getting into mid-range pull up jumpers. Makes 1.093 PPP on all P&R pull up jumpers (45% FG). Gets his man on his hip during P&R game. Very good at planting 1-2 and rising up over the defense. Gets into the paint out of P&R but doesn’t need some time and space to finish. More shifty then explosive during P&R game. Great poise and patience waiting for the roll man to get free. Makes some impressive one hand passes. Can see over the top of the defense. Good P&R facilitator.

Great spot up shooter. Can really score 3 point jumpers. Season 44% for 3 pts. Makes 1.5 threes per game. Scores 1.171 PPP on catch & shoot jumpers (42% FG). Has great 1.324 PPP on guarder spot up Js. Will attack closeouts using pull up jumpers. Impressive 1.017 PPP on all dribble jumpers.

Can finish some around the rim. Season 62% FG around the basket. Loves to play coast to coast. Can fill the lanes a bit. Uses more his anticipation in transition compare explosiveness . Can score some runners/floaters as well. Has 1.041 PPP on floaters. Will try to score from different angles while he drives to the rim.

Capable passer. Plays with head up. Loves to probe and kick or dish. Averages impressive 7.2 AST per game in VTB league. Loves to pass to the big guy. Can push it ahead in transition. Good court vision on the move. Sees over the top of the D.



Has very bad effort in defense. Really lacks sense of urgency. Shows very bad attitude on defensive end of the court. Doesn’t run on closeouts. Gets stuck on the screens. Gives up on plays. Doesn’t box out. Poor transition defense, will walk up the court. Easy to post up, in general easy to score on.

Show that can lead the time all up the clutch time but can’t close the game. Missed most important shots in clutch times (vs LOKO, vs CSKA, vs S.Oliver). Has very bad selection on the shots during clutch times. Made some turnovers when team needed composure and good decision making. Doesn’t seems like closure type of PG.

Really turnover prone. Averaged 2.7 TOV per game in VTB league and had 2.5 in LNB. Makes unforced mistakes. Loves to make home run passes instead of simple plays. At times can really have  casual approach. Forces passes to the big guy during P&R game. Not best ISO player, can be bother by length during ISO jumpers. Inconsistent right hand pull up jumpers. Doesn’t like physical game. Plays in his own pace. Doesn’t respond well vs pressure and vs contact. Average finisher around the rim vs size and physicality. Poor left hand finisher.

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