Keifer Sykes

Position: PG

Height:  6’0″ (183 cm)

Birthday: Dec 30, 1993

Weight: 170 (77 kg)


Great spot up shooter. In season (2018/19) had 39% for the three points. Scored 1.8 threes per game. Made 1.221 PPP on catch & shoot jumpers. Scores excellent 1.554 PPP on unguarded spot up jumpers, had 94% ranking on it. Can score from standstill or once he relocates. Scored 0.903 PPP on all dribble jumpers. Can really play off of left hand hang dribble. Scores left hand pull up jumpers out of Pick and Roll & ISO. Can score some right hand pull up jumpers as well when has time to prepare. Made 1.096 PPP with 44% FG on P&R pull up jumpers. Beats ”unders” with the left hand pull ups. Can knock down mid range jumpers as well. Overall good threat from outside.  

Has quick feet. Plays with good speed. Can drive to the basket thanks to his speed. Great open court game. Scores 1.21 PPP in transition. Will establish ISO situations in secondary break. Has some athletic potential (can even play above the rim). Good cutter from weak side. At times keeps plays alive – had 0.7 offensive rebounds in season 2018/19.

Good passer on the move. Probes and kicks to shooters or locates big man. Will dish once he drives to the basket. Makes drive and kick situations out of pick and roll. Loves to pass to the big man both out of pick and roll and in open court game. 

Shows pride in defense. Never gives up. Has good footwork and foot speed. Can cover ground. Solid on ball defender. Can avoid screens thanks to quickness speed. Runs on closeouts and shows good effort. 


Capable pull up shooter with the left hand. In fact very good shooter, anyhow not as good pull up jumpers with his  right hand. At times can score some right hand pull up jumpers but in general needs to improve it. Good spot up shooter once he sets his feet but not so productive when he comes off the screens. 

Quick guard taking it to the rim but struggles a bit around the rim, especially vs size. Can run into traffic without the plan. Not so consistent left hand finisher. 

Has good footwork but does lack size to become elite defender. Gives effort on closeouts but doesn’t alter any jumpers because of his size. Can easily be posted up. At times can stuck on screens.  

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