Andrew Albicy

Position: PG

Height:  5’10” (178 cm)

Birthday: Mar 21, 1990

Weight: 169 (77 kg)



Pick and Roll is 45% of his game. Great P&R passer. Uses all available options in it. Great poise and patience waiting for the roll man to get free. Excellent feel and timings. Fairly  advanced in Pick and Roll. Can pass over the top of the d. Uses both sides of the floor. Knows how to find big guys against any type of pick and roll defense. Keeps the defense guessing during pick and roll game. Will find open teammates-locates open shooters. Will pass out 61% of the time out of pick and roll game. Makes drive and kick passes out of P&R.

Can even score out of P&R game, in season 2018/19 had 0.78 PPP as P&R ball-handler with 38% FG. Made 0.976 PPP on his P&R pull up jumpers. Made 45 out of 124 P&R pull up jumpers. Better left hand hang dribble compare to right hand pull up jumpers. In same time better hang dribble pull ups compare to plant pull ups. Rarely but can drive also out  of pick and roll game, in 2018/19 season drove 12% of the time out of P&R. 

Good spot up shooter. Can relocate or score from standstill. Best when he has his feet set. uick trigger vs pressure. Scored 2.9 threes per game with 38% FG on 7.6 attempts. Made 1.218 PPP on his catch & shoot jumpers. Scored very good 1.109 PPP on guarded spot up threes. 

Great passers, averaged impressive 0.56 assists per possession. Had 2.61 AST/TOV ratio and impressive 0.71 AST/FGA ratio. Probes and kicks or dish. Good court vision on the move. Pass it ahead in transition has great average of 2.437 points per assists. True point guard who plays for the team. 

Has good footwork and foot speed. Gives effort in defense at times can force turnovers. Will compensate lack of the size with speed and effort.  Can cover some grounds. 



Had 29% FG on all his jumpers when shot clock is below 4 seconds. Doesn’t seems like clutch scorer. Had some heavy misses and strange decisions during clutch times. Scorer 1.196 PPP in ISO but most of this comes in early ISO game (transition). Bothered by lenth when sets for pull up jumpers. Needs some more poise in his decision making. Lot of teams chosed 

At times has very strange shot selection, loves to take early 3 pointers. Lot of defenders are going under on the ball screens and he ll settle for early threes with low scoring ratio. Can be streaky shooter. Not best finisher around the rim. Can finish only if has time and space. 

Has good speed and footwork but lacks size. Due the lack of size can be easily scored on or posted up. At times will give up on defensive end of the court. Can also be over aggressive as on ball defender. Runs on closeouts but doesn’t alter shots because of his size. 

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