Lauri Markkanen – (7h pick 2017th)

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CURRENT TEAM: Arizona State  Birthday: 22.05.1997
Height:  211cm / 6’11” Weight: 104kg/230lbs


Markkanen is is very fluid, big guy  has excellent mobility. Plays at solid speed for  his size and  mainly load  off of right foot when he s playing above the rim.  Markkanen developed his body during last year. Still has lot of room to grow with his both upper and lower body. Lauri has tremendous set of  offensive tools. Great shooting for size and position. Can shoot of the dribble after the screens and also good in catch & shoot situations. Has potential for posting up but not his biggest strengths at this stage. Easily  can face up another bigs and take good mid range shots. .  Can attack from perimeter using straight line drives.  Good in P/R situations. Solid passing upside and court vision. Can even play ISO. On youth level good rim protector but huge question mark is can he do same later in career.


Not biggest wingspan for position and also compare to other prospects.Weakness is his left hand finishing and also struggles finishing with contact. On youth level good rim protector but huge question mark is can he do same later in career. Very strange movement in D. Lacks awareness and look like he has low defensive IQ. Very bad defensive stance and also not great lateral quickness. Weak rebounding and boxing out. Doesn’t have habit closing out on shooters. 


One of the better prospects who recently committed to Arizona State. He is project of whole Finish federation and has huge support for his home country to develop to NBA level. Received some minutes in Finish Men’s National team this summer (2016).

Overall Rating:

If develops his contact game,defensive stance and awareness has huge possibility become very good NBA player.