Low Post Sets

Zeljko Obradovic - Low Post for Guards

Simple and quick low post set for guards/forwards after flex screen. One more time Zeljko Obradovic proves why he is one of the best basketball minds on world. 

Donaldas Kairys - Low Post Spacing

Primary idea of Donaldas Kairys is to have open shot or easy lay up after having good low post spacing.

Joan Plaza - SFS Low Post Spacing

Joan Plaza showed great option to find a open shooter after putting the ball on low post. 

Vlade Jovanovic - Low Post for Bigs

Simple but effective P&R pin down game which Vlade Jovanovic was using posting up his big guys. 

Vlade Jovanovic - Low Post Set

Good set and options in which one you can easily post up dominant big guy but in same time use this set to low post your guards. 

Sasa Obradovic - Low Post for Guards​

Play that Sasa Obradovic can also use after ATO situation to steal a easy basket for his guards. 

Sasa Obradovic - Low Post after Stagger

Nice idea to low post guard after floppy action and stagger screen from coach Sasa Obradovic.

Sasa Obradovic - Floppy to low post for the Guards

Same aliment like offense before just different entry to low post guards by Sasa Obradovic. 

Sasa Obradovic - Low Post Guards from Horns

Simple play to low post guards forcing switches against guards and having smaller defender to attack. 

Bob Donewald Jr. Pin Down to Low Post

Simple five to four pin down in order to force switches and position big guy on low post. 

Sasa Obradovic - Low Post for Bigs

Low post set for big guys out of floppy aliment. Set which one Sasa Obradovic was running with his team.

Sasa Obradovic - Low Post for Bigs

One more idea by coach Sasa Obradovic to low post his big guys from floppy aliment.