Tai Webster

Position: PG

Height: 6’4″ (193 cm)

Birthday: May 29, 1995 

Weight: 188 (85 kg)


Usually above 40% of his game is P&R game. Can drive pull it up or pass out of pick and roll game. Scores around 0.915 PPP out of pick and roll. Uses plant pull up more then hang dribble ones out of P&R game. Can pull it up either hand. Locates open teammates out of P&R. Locates open shooter 60% of the time. 45% of the time will search to finish out of pick and roll and 55% of the time will try to locate open teammates. 

Averages around 1.2 threes per game. Can come off the screens and score. Has good footwork. Catch in on hop and also in 1-2. Can attack closeouts with pull up jumpers. At times makes some ISO jumpers as well.  He is not elite ISO player but can score some ISO pull ups. Rather takes pull ups after planting compare to hang dribble or hop stop.

Impressive ability to take it to the basket. Loves to play coast to coast. Can shift the gears and change the pace. Doesn’t play much in ISO but can break the defense at times and take it to the rim. Mainly right hand finisher. Loves to drive to the basket and locates teammates.  Always have average around 4 ast per game. 

Not elite defender but showed some flashes.Decent footwork when gives effort, at times gives effort on closeouts. 


Not ISO creator, not so good in hang dribble jumpers. Had questionable shot selection and strange technique. Had only 28% for three on college. Can be streaky shooter. 

Will drive in the crowd and traffic without the plan. Solid finisher just at times has bad decision making. Not so good finisher with left hand. Can be turnover prone. Always averages more then 2 turnovers per game. Can struggle going away from traps and hedges. Average decision maker when plays vs athletic guards. 

Average defender, has upside thanks to size for PG but lacks effort. Gets stuck on the screens. Gets scored on. Gives up at times, doesn’t show pride in D. 

At times will miss closeouts on shooters. Finds himself in no mans land during weak side defense. 


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