Isaiah Hicks

Position: PF

Height: 6’9″ (206 cm)

Birthday: Jul 24, 1994

Weight: 233 (106 kg)



Has solid perimeter game. Can attack from 3 point line. Makes straight line drives. Can back down defender coming from perimeter. At times will attack closeouts. Can spread the floor if he gets time to load and prepare. Scores 0.9 threes per game. Season 35% for 3 pts. Does need time to prepare and is streaky shooter but also capable. Can make nice perimeter passes. Good feel for high-low game.

Can play as #5 as well. Good pick and roll finisher. Athletic enough to play above the rim. Quick on his feet can run the floor. Really crashes offensive glass. Averages 2 offensive rebounds per game.  Overall good rebounder (7.2 per game). 

Pretty good laterally. Has quick and good footwork. Can stop the guards on perimeter, covers grounds. Gives effort during post up defense.  Good pick and roll defender. Can switch hedge or protect the rim being in drop. Solid rim protector averages 1.8 BLKs per game. 


Capable spot up shooter but very streaky and inconsistent, can shot air balls just after he made spot up three. Same goes for long range game and deep range game. Not a pure shooter needs to develop this part of the game.   

Can’t create much on low post. Spins around without any reason. Tries hard to post up but not efficient at all. Poor left hand finisher, always search for right hand.  Didn’t show good touch on hook jumpers, needs to get close to the rim.

Overall he is very  inconsistent player. Makes straight line drives but at times struggles vs contact. Often travels when he attacks closeouts. Needs to have better coordination and decision making.  He is twiner not really stretch #4 and not sized enough and skilled enough to play #5.  

Will struggle guarding heavy bigs on low post. Overall good defender just might struggle guarding real fives.  

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