Mateusz Ponitka

Position: SF

Height: 6’6″ (198 cm)

Birthday: Sep 29, 1993

Weight: 206 (93 kg)



One of the best weak side cutter in Europe. Pretty explosive first step when  he drives to the basket. Attacks the rim with good speed and determination. Fat enough to break the defense even if defense is going under the screens. Good speed in open court game. Really runs the floor well. Plays coast to coast will crash defensive glass. Can post up as well not elite skill set but uses his body and strength. Keep plays alive good offensive rebounder. Draw fouls on impressive way. Really knows how to get to the FT line. Inconsistent but capable spot up shooter. Capable passer but doesn’t average lot of assists per game. Has good basketball IQ and knows when to give up and pass. Makes simple plays. Read the scouting well. 

Strong body and good footwork makes him solid on ball defender. Has potential to be lock down defender. Not so shifty but very strong. Can check bigs on low post.  


Can struggle scoring three point spot up jumpers. Not so smooth spot up shooter. Doesn’t really turn the corner, mainly finish with power and speed. Decent ball-handler but does need some improvement. Not so shifty  on defensive end of the court. Can get stucked on screens. 



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