Chris Babb

Position: SG

Height: 6’5″ (196 cm)

Birthday: Feb 14, 1990

Weight: 225 (102 kg)



Great shooting stroke, can score from standstill or on the hop. Good shooting vs pressure, quick release will shot from NBA range with confidence.  Come off the screens, solid footwork can stop on hop or 1-2.  Can score pull up jumpers, solid step back game. Capable scoring right and left pull up jumpers. Scores some pull ups out of pick and roll game and ISO but mainly plays as off ball shooter. 

Thanks to shooting stroke will attack closeouts, has solid feel and can score some floaters when he gets the time to load and prepare.  Scores around the rim in transition. Not so explosive and strong finisher around the rim but has some touch. 

Can see over the top of the D. Will pass some out of pick and roll. Pass it ahead in transition will give extra pass. 

Has some tools in defense but overall not so quick laterally. Will run on closeouts. Can cover some ground but only when has time to prepare. 


Can improve his shot selection. Likes to take more threes then twos. Can miss some threes but will never stop trying. Needs to add more to his game. Plays without no poise in mismatch situations, always wants to pull it up. 

Not so explosive, limited vs size and length in offense. Has no burst to his game. Can’t stop and go with force and change of pace. 

Defensive effort comes and goes. Not so good footwork in defense. Poor closeout technique. Can do better job staying on shot fakes. Needs to give some effort as interior defender. Passive boxing out. 


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