Jordan Shako (2017-Undrafted)

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CURRENT TEAM: ICL Manresa Birthday: 04.04.1997
Height:  208m / 6’9” Weight: 100kg/220lbs


Jordan has strong body and also has good and wide frame. He is not a tremendous athlete but still can play above the rim and also can run the floor well once he is motivated. With 6-9 ( 208cm) Jordan lacks some size for center position. Around the rim he posses good touch and solid finishing ability with his right hand.  Jordan plays very well without the ball. He posses very good feel for movement without the ball  can post pin his defender and he is good in keeping position on low post. Jordan has good turnarounds moves on low block. Can even finish with left hand but need some time to load. He is a lot to handle on low post and thanks to his frame and toughness last season he averaged 0.57 FTs per FG shots. Still he posses good passing ability and instincts but can be turnover prone. Showed great rebounding ability on both ends of the court. Averaged impressive rebounding numbers last season. Had 10.1 rebounds per game divided on 3.2 offensive rebounds and 6.9 defensive rebounds per game.  Has solid defensive potential and solid foot work. Can switch on ball screens.


Competing in 4th Spanish league question is how he will react on playing against elite players in top Spanish league. Jordan can mainly play around the rim. He still don’t have developed skills for perimeter game. His outside shooting is not really reliable . His last season in EBA had only 54% from FT line. Not much of a rim protector but in EBA (4th Spanish league) had 1.6 rebounds per game. Looks  older than 19.


Moved from Torrelodones to Manresa. Question was will he be joined to Manresa Men’s squad  or play for their EBA team. Started season playing for Manreasa but didn’t see much of the playing time.

Overall Rating:

Solid big guy who can have pretty good career as a role player on top European level. He still lack experience playing on top level and against elite defenders. We can’t forget that he is only 19 years old and as a big guy has lot of years in front of him to prove his worth and develops his weaknesses.

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