Jonathan Jeanne (2017-Undrafted)

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CURRENT TEAM: Nancy  Birthday: 03.071997
Height:  215cm / 7’2” Weight: 88kg/ 195lbs


Jeanne is the player with  great  size and length. Jeanne is having  7’2 without shoes and a 7’7 wingspan. He easily plays above the rim and can  catch lob passes loading equally well  off two feets as he does  from one foot. Very fluid and mobile player who runs the floor very well, once he is motivated. Taking in consideration his size we can easily say he has huge shooting upside but his shooting really need more work. Mobility helps him to roll fast after he sets on ball screens. When plays on post he uses his mobility rather then his strength. Ha can make a straight  line drives. Good feel for rebounding on both ends, also has pretty good feel fro  blocking the shots.


Problem with Jaenne  shooting is consistency and his mentality.  He really likes to settle for jumpers and also have poor shoot selection. We need t add that not many 7 footers has shooting upside and potential and he does., anyhow his shooting really needs work as his shoot selection.In his mindset he  is more PF then C. It can easily be notices once he is posting  up he will use his mobility rather then  strength.Jaenne is still he is very light and doesn’t have strong body and wide frame. Easily it can be notices once he post up another bigs and once he tries to finish in traffic. Gets easily pushed around and has really hard time establishing deep position in pain. During defensive box out also shows his lack of strengths and toughness.  Looks very lazy in defense even though he has huge upside in that segment of game as well. Shows no pride in defense and makes careless mistakes.


From time to time looks very lazy.Shows bad body language when it comes  referee decisions and also after he turns the ball or make bad decision. Already change the club in middle of season due lack of playing time.

Overall Rating: 

Unique skill set for his size and position. If put his attitude in right place can be one of the better European big guys with NBA career in front of him.  Despite his upside seems like he is having trouble putting all things in place for his basketball development.


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