Jordan Loyd

Position: PG/SG

Height: 6’3″ (191 cm)

Birthday: Jul 27, 1993

Weight: 212 (96 kg)



Great pull up shooter. Care create his on baskets. Scores out of ISO and P&R. Almost he is better pull up shooter compare to spot up. Uses step backs to create the space. Can pull it up eaither hand. Will even pull it up in transition. 

Really capable shooters. Last season scored 2.1 threes per game in G-League. Almost whole career around 2 threes per game. Can come off the screens and score. 

Better shooter then driver but still very capable driver. Best in transition. Can take it to the rim out of pick and roll game. Will meet physicality. Loves to crash offensive glass.Draws fouls, loves to flop. 

Great passer can easily cover PG position if needed. Loves to probe and kick to shooters. Operates from pick and roll. Plays with head up in transition.

Good defender and shows good attitude in defense. Can check some bigs on low post and give effort as interior defender. Keeps his man in front of him. Force turnovers. Anticipate the game very well. Crash the board and goes after defensive rebounds.  



Can run into traffic without the plan. At times will search for contact bu any cost. Waits for reffs to call his flops. Likes to rush on his pull up jumpers. Usually has lot of freedom to take jumpers when ever he wants. Will settle for jumpers even when he can take it to the basket.

Can struggle vs pressure and vs hedges during pick and roll game. At times show casual approach in offense. Can be turnover prone. 

Can show very low motivation on defensive end of the court. Has solid defensive tools but can be lazy at times. Gets stuck on screens doesn’t alter shots. Defensive effort comes and goes. 



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